December 19, 2011

Hi guys just to let you know my computer broke down recently and the only way i could restore it was to put ubuntu onto it so i did but i was realy disappointed because i thought that you can’t do powerpoint stuff on it but then i realized nearly everything you can do on windows you can do on ubuntu so i was looking around and i realized that the microsofts on windows are called libre office on ubuntu.

Thanks for reading i hope this helps you incase you ever need to put ubuntu onto your computer.

Bye :b



December 19, 2010

Hi it’s jj the author of the blog my powerpoint and word 2010 has expired and from now on you have to buy it so I’ve decided to use word pad it’s really great it’s exactly like microsoft word so if you guys can’t use microsoft and you have word pad use it because i was really disopointed when I couldn’t do any writing on the computer

how to make an easter card on powerpoint 2010

April 16, 2010

if you havent made your familly a card yet why not try making one on the computer.  But beware if you want to print it out it doesn’t print annimation


1. First of all you need to write your title at the top with word art you should know how to do that if you read the other posts.

2. then you can add any pictures that you want to do.

3. To do animation on your card simply right click the thing you want to animate and click custom animation you will then have a series of animation techniques you then choose which one you want.  if u want to animate the whole slide just right click the slide you want to animate on the left hand side and click slide transition, you then fill it all in.


Protected: my diary

April 14, 2010

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how to make a interactive quiz for beginners (part1)

April 12, 2010

1. First of all you need to write down all your beginning options, about 3 would be good then you need to make 3 videos and in each one you need to say what you wrote.

2.  then you need to go back to PowerPoint and insert the videos you do that by going to home at the top and press new slide twice then you need to go to insert and click video.  After that you need to click insert video then you need  to click whatever progam you recorded it on.

how to make an interactive story for beginners (part 2)

April 11, 2010

3. then you need to hyperlink the words to the correct video you put the video’s in by clicking insert at the top and then click the arrow at the bottom of the video square then click insert video and you should be able to work out how to do it from then. you hyperlink by highlighting each beginning and clicking hyperlink, then it should come up with a box with all the different slides on if it doesn’t there should be a few things at the side click on each one and on one there should be the slides click on the slide you want and so on. At the end there should be a brilliant story press f5 on your keyboard and click on your parts and you should end up with a perfect story.

I’m glad I could help bye


any questions please comment and I’m delighted to

answer them I hope you have learned a bit

tips for starting a diary

April 11, 2010

1. First of all you need your template you can do that by writing different things such as area or mood you’re in and stuff like that.

2. Now you need to start typing you could even take a picture of yourself and put it on a memory stick then copy and paste it on to your diary it would probably be a good idea to keep your diary to yourself and if you’re going to show anyone show your parents to see what they think of it but if you trust anyone else and you would like to show them than show them it’s totally up to you. 🙂

how to make an interactive quiz on PowerPoint

April 11, 2010
  1. Choose your background by clicking on design or make your own by doing the same thing but then click the arrow next to the word, background and select your background.
  2. You will now have to make your title you will do that by clicking insert, then click Word Art select your writing text and then write your title you can call it whatever you want.
  3. You could even put some pictures in and make them fly in and stuff I will go through that step by step with you as well it’s up to you where you get your pictures from you can either get them by clicking insert at the top or you could copy and paste them of Google.  Rite I now need to tell you how to make the pictures fly in and do weird effects like that you need to click on your picture then click on animations at the top, then select custom animation around the left at the top of your screen then you should get a box on the right of your screen with a button saying add effect click on that and you should get a box with all different words on, click on entrance if you want entrance and you can try out different things to test them out if you don’t have that box then try again.
  4. You probably want to do the questions now you do that the same way you did with the title just instead of typing a title type your question.  Now you will need to do your answers you need 3 wrong answers. and 1 right answer that will mean you have 4 answers you will need the shapes for the answers in to do that you click home which is also at the top then there should be a box with lots of shapes in if there isn’t than click all  of the words at the top to see if there in there because that happens to me occasionally then make it on the screen by clicking and dragging there should also be a text box in there it looks like an A with lots of lines next to it you click on that then click inside the shape you made earlier.

6. When you click the shape a line should appear which means that you can type in there, now start typing in there and it should work, when you have written all the answers you need to click home and then click new slide twice then delete the text boxes on the new slides that appeared then on one of the slides and write well done with word art and make a arrow from the box with shapes in then click the text box that is also from the box with shapes in then click in the shape and write next then make another slide and write click the arrow you just made and click hyperlink then click slide 4 then click ok now on slide 3 or 2 the one which you haven’t  used yet write wrong answer with Word Art then do 2 arrows and write in one try again and in one write skip the one you write try again in hyperlink it to slide 1 and the one you write skip in hyperlink it to slide 4 and on slide 4 do your next question.  On slide 1 all the wrong answers hyperlink to the wrong answer slide and all the right answers to the right answer slide.  You do that with every slide.

Here is an example:  A Roman Centurion